Huge season opener party in Hagymatikum bath

közzétéve: Monday, 30 May 2016News

A huge season opener party will be in Hagymatikum bath on June 4, Saturday. We can give a discount card to our guests. The card is worth 20% discount on the spa admission.


01:00 pm            Concert by Talent Tehetségkutató Énekstúdió

02:30 pm            Performance by Kelly Dance Crew

03:00 pm            Concert by Talent Tehetségkutató Énekstúdió

04:00 pm            Special guest: Nikolas Takács

06:00 pm            Foam Party

09:00 pm           “Long time ago and Now” video clip show

 Afternoon: aquafitness, music request show, creative corner

Responsible for the music: Molnár and Hermann Retro Show

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