We were 5 years old. Let's make a little prize game!

közzétéve: Tuesday, 17 January 2017News

We were 5 years old, but do not expect a gift, rather we are giving away to you!

Give a Like our post in our Facebook site HERE, share it, and Commented, "share". and maybe you'll be one of the lucky winners!

1st prize: Gift 3 days, 2 nights with breakfast in the Ludo
2nd prize: Buy one get two. For reservations of one night plus one night we give (of which two were a draw)
3rd prize: Buy two get three. For bookings of two nights plus one night we give (three of which will be drawn in)

So a total of 6 Prize waiting for you! So you must just Like us, share and comment!

The prize closed on 30 January. Draw on 31 January.
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